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MilkyWay Extra-soft Bed System for cow Mattress

Extra cushion, comfortable and soft bed system - 30mm thicjness

Cow Mat Features & Benefits

  • Top cover made of a good rubber provides cow traction without abrasion; with Nylon mesh insert produces the rubber additional dimensional stability and strength
  • Hammer top pattern provides non-slip and durable skin friendly surface
  • Easy to maintain cleaner bed
  • 30mm of soft super cushion underlay gives the cow a new level of comfort; made of closed-cell material will not absorb water

Product Specifications

Item Material Length (cm) Width (cm) Thickness(mm)
Top Cover Rubber roll –Hammer top with Nylon mesh insert 200-400* 170 or 180 8
Mattress Underlay Super Cushion Closed cell foam 120 140 or 150 30
Rear Strip High Density Closed cell foam 150 20* 18
Front Strip 150 10* 18
Side Strip 140 -150 10* 18

*Other sizes are available on request by customer