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Judo Mat

3 layers design, capable for different application like judo, jiu-jitsu, aikido, wrestling, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and kendo.

Ultra soft cushioned comfort

Providing extra comfort in excercise.

Wicks moisture away

Closed cell prevents moisture absorption.

Odor and fungus inhibiting.

Prevent fungus growing. 

Product Specifications

Item Martial Arts Mat-I Martial Arts Mat-II Tatamilite-FT Tatamilite-BG
Size 104cm x 104cm x 50mm 103cm x 103cm x 50mm 103cm x 103cm x 42mm 103cm x 103cm x 40mm
Weight 7 kgs/per mat 6.3 kgs/per mat 5 kgs/per mat 4 kgs/per mat
Material EVA/Rubber blended EVA/Rubber blended Microcellular EVA foam Microcellular EVA foam
Durometer Triple hardness 22A/13A/18A (top/middle/bottom) Dual hardness 20A/13A/20A (top/middle/bottom) Dual hardness 22A/13A/22A (top/middle/bottom) Dual hardness 20A/13A/20A (top/middle/bottom)
Thickness Approx. 17.5mm/15mm/17.5mm (Total 50mm) Approx. 15mm/20mm/15mm (Total 50mm) Approx. 11mm/20mm/11mm (Total 42mm) Approx. 12mm/16mm/12mm (Total 40mm)
Texture Tatami-jp one side, tatami-tw the other #1034 both sides #987A deep tatami-jp both sides #987A deep tatami-jp both sides
Construction 3 layers/triple densities 3 layers/dual densities 3 layers/Dual densities 3 layers/Dual densities
Color Green/black/blue or red/black/pink Green/black/red green/black/red green/black/red
Edge not available   available in straight & beveled edge available in straight & beveled edge