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Multi-color , Ventilation Waffle , Anti-bacterial , Anti-UV

Multicolor EVA foam

The multicolor EVA foam has 3 kinds of color design, multi-pebble, marble, and swirl style respectively. Each color design can be supplied with specific compound & hardness to comply with customer's request.

Ventilation waffle pattern

Ventilation waffle foam is one of the best choices for premium functional insole and high performance body protection gear because the pattern of Ventilation waffle could boost your body's natural cooling process by allowing perspiration vapor to escape, keep you always stay in cool.

Anti-bacterial EVA

CLEVA® foam is a unique new EVA material, treated with“ Zeomic ” anti-bacteria and anti-fungi agents to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on the foam.

Anti-UV EVA Foam

Adding special anti-yellowish additives, effectively enhance the UV stability, improved foam resistant to UV yellowish of the native oxide. Mainly used in shoes, marine , sports / outdoor equipment.